High Sensitivity Soil Moisture Meter for Measurement pH

High Sensitivity Soil Moisture Meter for Measurement pH

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"Soil pH value 5.0 become toxic to plant growth. The optimum for most plants from 5.5 to 7.0 range."

1. Get Readings by a Single Press
- Place the tester into the soil and get the reading easily by pressing the button
- Both Moisture and pH values are shown

2. Pointed and Sharp Metal Probe
- Easy to drill into deeper part of the soil
- Be able to drill down into 6 cm

* Please clean the metal probe each time after use to avoid getting rusty.

3. Accurate and Easy to Use

- Highly accurate and way better than those difficult to read pH test strips
- One of the easiest pH testing method
- Portable and easily to be carried from one place to another
*Please DO NOT use when the soil is too wet, or the result will be inaccurate

4. No Battery Required and Long Lasting
- No need to use any battery, environmental friendly
Can be used for a long time under proper maintenance

  • pH Range: 3 - 8
  • Humidity Range: 10% - 80%
  • Accuracy: pH +/- 0.2, Humidity 1%
  • Dimension (cm): 5(W) x 5(L) x 16.5(H)
  • Package includes: 
    - Soil Moisture Meter x 1
This Soil Moisture Meter for Measurement Surface pH is an analog type dual function instrument, measures soil pH and soil moisture at the same time. This tester provides accurate measurement and operates without using battery. It is an important tool for gardening. 

Customer Reviews

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Samantha Brittain
Very useful and handy tool for gardening

This little tool works great and comes very handy for me. I'm not an expert for gardening and always having trouble thoughts about whether I should watering for the plant now. Now with this tool, I can have a better judgement and never water too much for the plant when it doesn't need it. This is a very useful for gardening especially for those beginners. It's very easy to use and easy to read and understand.

Easy to use

Works very well , appears to be accurate, easy to use, though not instantly clear that the Ph reading is automatic but then to get the water content you just press the button.

Luc marcotte
Like it for pH testing

So far so good. It works and does not take long to give a good pH reading.