Shockproof Series iPhone 7 Plus Metal Case
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Shockproof Series iPhone 7 Plus Metal Case

Color :
Camouflage Black
Camouflage Brown
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  • Made of polymer bezels, silicone patent-pending impact truss, aluminum port covers, hydrophobic membranes, pvd coated steel screws
  • Size ideally fit your iPhone 7 Plus mobile phone
  • All round 360 degrees protection
  • Dirt proof, snow proof, shock proof with super shake silicone, alloy composition, stronger anti falls ability
  • Back six screw fixation
  • USB port can be used directly
  • Protect the camera from scratches
  • 7 colors are available
  • Packing included:
    - Phone case x 1
This Shockproof Series iPhone 7 Plus Metal Case is the thinnest and strongest all-protective case ever created. It is 360 protection on both front and back. Water resistant, dirt proof and shock proof protection that make sure your mobile phone safe. This iPhone 7 Plus case is suitable for using when playing outdoor activities like wall games as it is dirt proof and shock resistance.  *This case is mainly designed for protection against rain drops or water drops only, not recommend for diving.