Go-Tcha Bands Replacement Compatible with Xiaomi Mi Band 1 / 1S
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Go-Tcha Bands Replacement Compatible with Xiaomi Mi Band 1 / 1S

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"Perfect replacement wristband for your Pokemon Go-Tcha, Xiaomi Mi Band 1 or 1S. "

  1. Fashion and Colorful
    - Different bright colors create a fresh look everyday and match your different dresses 

  2. Lightweight and Adjustable
    - Made of Eco-friendly durable TPE+TPU material, comfortable to wear
    - Adjustable length fits most people
  • Weight (g): Approx 10 / per piece
This replacement straps set is designed for Go-Tcha, Xiaomi Mi and 1S. These colored GoTcha bands allow creating a fresh look every day and match your different dresses.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great variety

I bought these as a replacement band for my Pokémon go-tcha. The plastic is softer than the band that comes with the go-tcha. I change the color every day!

Steven M Ewing
Great colors and works just as well as the original!

This is a heck of a deal on these bands! I bought them for my wife and she loves the color options. She really only needed one replacement band, but now she changes bands to match her outfit. She doesn't use the dark gray/black band in this set, so I took that for my Mi Band. I find that it works just about as well as the original. The snap was a little more difficult to lock in, but I think that is because it is new and tight. I think the silicon gets more loose as it is used.

Really pleased with this set!