Pet Self Cleaning Slicker Brush Grooming Brush
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Pet Self Cleaning Slicker Brush Grooming Brush

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"Quickly eliminates tangles, mats and shedding for all types of coats."

  1. Effective for Pet Grooming 
    Combs and removes dead fur 
    Loosens tangles and knots
    - Great for de-shedding

  2. Stainless Steel Ball Pins with Bristles
    - Gentle ball pins ensure gentle grooming, without irritating pets skin
    - Massage your pets and increase their blood circulation

  3. One-click Self Cleaning Button
    Push the button to retract the bristles and discard the fur for easy cleaning

  4. Ergonomic Non-slip Handle
    - Soft and comfortable for grip, gives great hand control for a positive experience

  5. Keep Your Home Less Hairy
    - Keep the hair off your cloths and furniture
    - Far less molting hair around the house
  • Made of PE Plastic and Stainless Steel
  • Great choice for short to medium haired coats on all breeds
  • Total Length (cm): 18.5; Handle Length (cm): 10
  • Package includes:
    - Pet Grooming Comb x 1
    (Other accessories are not included)

"Your Pets, We Care." 

  • Neck and Head
    - Tangles and clumps of hair are easily found on neck and behind the ears
    - Don't pull hard when you comb, do it slow and soft 

  • Chest
    - Their chest is sensitive and if possible, clip hair short before you comb

  • Legs
    - No need to bend their legs, just comb from the top to their feet

  • Back
    - Sit your dog properly and comb from the top of their spine

  • Tail
    - Some dogs may feel nervous when combing their tail, keep it slow and soft

This Pet Slicker Brush provides a quicker and easier to remove mattes and fluffy hair of your lovely pets, such as poodle. With this cat grooming brush, your dogs and cats will be healthy, shiny, tangle free coat. The bristles on this dog brush are gentle enough not to hurt your dog, but firm enough to quickly get out tangles and mats. The comfortable pins of this cat grooming comb provide sensational grooming results with minimal effort. It is a perfect dematting tool for your pet grooming.

Customer Reviews

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Mrs. Beare
Approved by my dogs.

Brilliant. The pup loves being groomed with this, and it does get rid of all but the toughest tangles, and all but the stubbornest bits of grass and seeds from her fur.