In-Car Wireless FM Transmitter for iPhone / Android Smartphones

In-Car Wireless FM Transmitter for iPhone / Android Smartphones

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  1. Play Music via Car Stereo
    - Turn your car radio on and tuned to a blank frequency to avoid interference from the local FM
    - Connected this device to your phone/iPod or other music player
    Tuned up the frequency of this device same as car radio

  2. Hands-free Calling
    - Press the answer key of your phone to answer calls hands-free mode

  3. Memory for Last Frequency
    - No need to tune up repeatedly

  4. Powered by Built-in Rechargeable Battery
    - Can play 2 hours instantly after fully charged

  5. With 3.5mm Jack Plug
    - Compatible with most phone with 3.5mm plug, other devices need a adapter
    - iPhone users can use it through a lightning jack adapter
      • Charge time: 5 hours
      • LCD screen, easy to read
      • Frequency range is between 87.5 to 108 MHz
      • Frequency receiver distance up to 15 meters
      • Size (cm): 6 (L) x 2 (W) x 1 (H)
      • Package includes:
        - FM Transmitter x  1
        - USB Cable x 1
        (Car charger and other accessories are not included)
      This In-Car Wireless FM Transmitter enables you to enjoy your favorite music and take hands-free calls for pleasurable driving experience!

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Jennifer Gunther
      I love this!!

      This works great with my iPhone. I use it to listen to music on my stereo systems. I can listen to music on different stereo systems throughout the house at the same time because it has a pretty long range. The iPhone can be in my bedroom and I can listen to the radio in my office down the hall should I choose. I also use it in my car for hands-free phone calls. I could also use it to listen to music in the car except I don't have a data plan. It's great for cars that are too old to have blue tooth, also. Just connect it to your headphone port. Set the frequency on the FM transmitter and on the radio to an open FM frequency (static station) and the music will be clear. Just pick your station from your phone. You can find an open frequency from for your location. It takes out the guess work.

      Alan Sargent
      Simple to set up and works well

      Easy to set up and works well with my phone, but as the socket is at the top of the phone the waveband reader is upside down, but that isn't a problem as it remembers the last waveband used. It plays well through my car radio and there is no distortion and the sound is impressive.

      Jorge Vicente Canhoto da Silva
      Great little device.

      It's small and light, charges quite quickly and battery is lasting well. It is very easy to use and you can also use this as a hands free for phone calls. Came well packaged, was delivered very quickly and was a good price. Can't complain!