Dayan ZhanChi V5 3x3x3 Stickerless Puzzle Magic Cube Speed Cube - 57mm

Dayan ZhanChi V5 3x3x3 Stickerless Puzzle Magic Cube Speed Cube - 57mm

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  • No Sticker, sleek and shiny
  • Made of high quality ABS plastic
  • Turn smoothly, tension adjustable, specially designed for speedcubing
  • Extremely fast as corner cutting is good
  • Perfect for beginners, experts and other speed solver
  • Great fun and cultivate hand-on, thinking and reaction abilities
  • Size (cm): 5.7 x 5.7 x 5.7
  • Product size (cm): 6 x 6 x 6
  • Net Weight (g): 87
  • Product Weight (g): 98
  • Color of 6 surfaces: white, orange, blue, yellow, green and red
  • Package includes:
    - Magic Cube x 1
    (Other accessories are not included)
This Dayan 5th Generation 3x3x3 Puzzle Magic Cube Stickerless Speed Cube is a new design with reduced inner core size for fast cornering and great reverse-cornering. It uses 6 plastic colors for a great speed cube that never needs new stickers. Puzzle Cubes are raving about this new cube, and quickly gaining reputation as one of the best speed cubes in the world. This cubes are great for learning and getting better at movements.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Miguel Ascencio

It turns amazing! I love the size too, it fits my hand perfectly. My cube came a week later, when it arrived nothing was damaged, it was pre-lubed too! 10/10 I would buy this again

Tom Ford
Turns smoothly, fantastic cube!

It turns very smoothly. I've been playing it with it constantly since I got it and it just turns so smoothly and easily right from the start. I just picked up my old standard Rubik's cube and put it right back down because it feels way too stiff for me now.

Reagan Hill

This is my first cube. Before I bought this, I was using another brand. This DaYan ZhanChi is infinitely better in every aspect. The corner cutting is great and I love the color scheme as well. My only complaint is how loud it can be, but it is still much quieter than my old one.