5mm Bike Brake Cable Housing 3m
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5mm Bike Brake Cable Housing 3m

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This brake cable housing is designed to reduce friction and improve feel, giving you more control and braking power.

1. Standard Coiled Steel Construction
    - Low compression ratio
    - Provides best flexibility

2. Low Friction PVC Inner Tube
    - Helps to make a quick and sensitive brake

3. High Quality Casing
    - Durable, can be used at different conditions, even at low temperature -20 ℃

  • Diameter (mm): 5
  • Length (m): 3
  • Package includes:
    - Brake Cable Housing x 3m
    (Cable is NOT included)
This 5mm Bike Brake Cable Housing 3m delivers miles of smooth performance. Difference between brake and derailleur housing: Brake housing has a coiled metal inner and is rather flexible. Do not use normal stiff derailleur housing for your brakes under any circumstances. It is not made to withstand the heavy cable tension of a hard stop and may blow apart at a most inopportune time.

Customer Reviews

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Matthew L. Mcculloch
The color selection and quality is great despite the low cost

Time will tell how well this housing holds up, but as far as install and initial impressions go, this is a real winner. The color selection and quality is great despite the low cost. Be absolutely sure you use the proper tools to install this (or any other) housing, and get some ferrules for the ends for the best results.