Needle Threaders 20 Pieces Plastic Hand Sewing Kit

Needle Threaders 20 Pieces Plastic Hand Sewing Kit


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That feeling of relief when thread finally goes through the needle! This is the easiest way to do it
  1. Great Helper for Threading
    - The wire loop is soft enough to go through most needle eye holes, especially for needles with small eye holes. 
    - Great for eyes that don't see as well as they used to, making threading a needle much more easier than before
    - Suitable both for hand sewing needles and machines needles

  2. Adorable and Sturdy
    - Features cute shape and colorful colors, eye-catching
    - Made of ABS plastic and alloy wire, durable
  • Package includes:
    - Needle Threaders x 20 
    (Random colors shipped and other accessories are not included)

    This Needle Threaders 20 Pieces Plastic Hand Sewing Kit is a device for helping to put thread through the eye of a needle. This needle threader combines a short length of fine wire with one corner held by plastic. You can pass the wire loop through the needle eye, passes the string through the wire loop, and finally pulls both the loop back through the needle by the handle, which pulls the thread through. Great sewing and thread kit and an essential sewing and embroidery item.